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Get the Math and the Points! August 2019 CC Alg I Regents #3

August 2019 Regents 3
For this question, we need to use the Distributive Property:
2(x^2 – 1) = 2x^2 – 2
3x(x – 4) = 3x^2 – 12x

Michael Paul Goldenberg’s excellent comment was that the constant term must be -2 and that leads us right to the answer!  Thanks

Combine like terms and only the x^2 are combinable.
A way to check your work is to put  2(x^2 – 1) +  3x(x – 4) into Y1 and to put each multiple choice answer into Y2 and then compare to see if the tables for Y1 and Y2 are equivalent.

Get the Math and the Points Aug 18 CC Algebra I Regents #30

aug 18 30

The left hand side of the equation is almost a perfect square:
In order for it to be a perfect square:  x^2 + 4x + ____ = 2 + ____
To find the number that completes the square take 1/2 of 4 and square it
So 4 gets added to both sides
Then the right side becomes 6
Then we can write the left side like this: (x + 2) ^2
So (x + 2)^2 = 6
then take the sqrt of both sides but do not forget the +/- with the sqrt
Then subtract 2 from both sides:
You will have two answers a plus and a minus and you can check your work by using the quadratic formula 🙂