SAT Challenge

October 2, 2021 was my latest SAT Challenge 🙂

On May 4, 2019, and also in May 2016, I took the new SAT to relive studying and test taking, fill gaps in my education, and relate better to students’ experience.   This expanded my test experiences: ACT (2012), “old” SAT (2009) and “ancient” SAT(1980) and is the topic of the 2016 article “When Will You Take the SAT?” and the 2010 article “Get Smart!! Take the SAT!!” both of which appeared in the National Council of Mathematics Supervisors newsletter.

SAT and ACT preparation is an opportunity to fill in gaps (and also to raise your score).
I can help you up your Math score/grade and learn more Math and critical thinking skills in the process.   Beyond, SAT and ACT, I also help people study for other standardized tests like Regents, SHSAT and GRE.  I also love doing homework and will help you or your student complete their assignments and learn Math!

For verbal prep, I recommend Judith Rodgers at

Use the official books from the test makers as they are superbly accurate.  If you study “enough”, your book will look loved like the book pictured below:

SAT Book Wear and Tear

New York Times Letter to the Editor by Robin

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