Get the Math & Points June 2016 CC Alg I Regents #16

June 2016 CC Alg I 16Put j(x) into Y1 and try the other equations in Y2 then compare the Y1 and Y2 columns
Below is answers 1 and 2 which have the same equation, neither is a match!

Now we will try the equation for (3) and (4), see below:
CC Alg I June 2016 16c y

So now we can see the match!
However, at x = -6, the y value is 115 and we are looking for -29, so it cannot be -6

June 2016 Alg I 16 c check

At x = 6 below, you can see the y value is -29.
Also check out the symmetry of the y values and how the values are centered around (6,-29): this is what makes it the vertex or turning point.

June 2016 Alg I 16 table right

We could also use the vertex form of a parabola but it  has a tricky negative sign issue which these answer choices prey upon.
Using the graph feature of the  TI-84 is also an option but since the normal viewing window is +/-10,  -29 would be outside that window.


Get the Math and the Points: June 2016 CC Algebra I Regents #11

June 2016 Alg I 11
Which comes first in the alphabet, x or y?  d or r?
Domain means the x values and Range means the y values
So we’re gonna graph this and check out the y values:
June 2016 CC Alg I 16 yJune 2016 CC Alg I 11 graphJune 2016 CC Alg I 11 tableLooking at the graph, the lowest y value is less than -1. which can also be seen in the table above.
This gets rid of answers (3) and (4).
Are the y values greater or less than -9?
That’s it,  2 points.







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