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Learn, Pass Regents, Graduate!!! Jan 16 Alg I #25

How to help your students pass the Regents, your son or daughter, niece or nephew, or yourself.
This is a series to help students pass the Regents and graduate high school while learning some Math in the process
For most students, the Math Regents they will focus on is Common Core Algebra I but we will also discuss Common Core Geometry.

Ready for Learn, Pass Graduate??
Let’s go!!

The Common Core exams are much harder than the old ones and students will need
1. more practice
2. more content knowledge
3. more content exposure
4. more motivation

Are you ready?  See  below for the first installment: January 2016 long answer #25:
Jan 2016 Alg I Regents 25
This is an easy problem!!
Students should be able to see that for every increase of 2 in x the y value is going down by 2.5 and therefore the function is linear
Here is a model response from the model response set from
Jan 2016 Alg I Graphing Model Response Set 1

Another easy way is to draw it (again from the Model Response Set)
Jan 2016 Alg I Graphing Model Response Set 2

This is worth 2 points folks and it’s an easy 2 points so make sure you review.
It is also not exponential because it does not have a pattern like an exponential — here is an example of an exponential pattern of y = 2^x: 1, 2,4, 8, 16  each number in the sequence is double the number before.  The pattern has a constant multiplier, while our list of 10, 7.5, 5, 2.5, 0 has a constant rate of change of -2.5 which means it is a linear function or a line!!









Now and Later: Get/Give 2 Copies of a Review Sheet

Now and Later

A review sheet is a gift and usually a preview of the exam!

if your teacher gives you a review sheet, do not write on it so you will be more likely to REDO the problems.
If you are a teacher, hand out 2 copies and/or post a copy on line so students can redo rather than just reading them over.

Study skills are different for Math than for other content areas…please practice now and then again later 🙂

Practice for Your Regents (Finals)!!!: Class Grade not predictor of Final Exam Grade

Warning: Class average is NOT a predictor of final exam grade.

In New York State, having a passing grade in a class does not mean you will pass the Regents.

There is a need for many students to take Mock Regents at home in a proctored fashion.  Some teachers are not finishing curricula and many students need more practice than what they are getting in school.

As report card grades are composed of many different things like classwork, participation, projects etc. students and families are not informed as to the likelihood of the student passing the exam.  And many students and their families are surprised when their Regents results are less than expected.

This past Tuesday June 2 were the ELA and Common Core Geometry Regents.

Study before the Regents week!  Regents begin again on Tuesday June 16th!

Which exam is when:

June 2015 Regents Schedule

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