Practice for Your Regents (Finals)!!!: Class Grade not predictor of Final Exam Grade

Warning: Class average is NOT a predictor of final exam grade.

In New York State, having a passing grade in a class does not mean you will pass the Regents.

There is a need for many students to take Mock Regents at home in a proctored fashion.  Some teachers are not finishing curricula and many students need more practice than what they are getting in school.

As report card grades are composed of many different things like classwork, participation, projects etc. students and families are not informed as to the likelihood of the student passing the exam.  And many students and their families are surprised when their Regents results are less than expected.

This past Tuesday June 2 were the ELA and Common Core Geometry Regents.

Study before the Regents week!  Regents begin again on Tuesday June 16th!

Which exam is when:

June 2015 Regents Schedule

Practice, Practice, Practice:

All Old Regents for Free Practice

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HMX Earth Science Exams and Resources

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Barron’s Books for Regents\

Pass the Regents Classes in and around NYC

Mr. Klaff Global History Review

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