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two modes at once: hybrid and in-person

I have long said that being a classroom teacher is like being Santa. The Tooth Fairy is busy every night of the year but Santa has to be everywhere all at the same time. As teachers, we want to be able to help all of our students at once — in pre-covid times, we could check on students by walking around/circulating the classroom. This type of informal assessment could help teachers gauge student learning and make in-the-moment decisions about pacing and content. In a digital or hybrid environment, getting feedback is more challenging especially when many teachers are doing both In Person and Online.

Teaching in 2 modes simultaneously is the reason that many teachers (and their unions) have been reluctant to go back into the building. It’s not just the health risk of being with students (hopefully your state/country has made the vaccine available to educators) but rather the demand to teach to those students in front of you while also addressing the needs of the students who are at home.

Some online tools that have been helpful:

Google Jamboard

Google Docs/Slides



Pear Deck


A second computer or monitor (which I may now finally invest in)

Having a stylus or pen for writing on a tablet/screen

Many of these tools allow for student input and teacher feedback digitally to foster critical thinking and build community. Hoping that these tools can help students feel like they got a visit from Santa!

I also plan to incorporate Project Based Learning which will encourage students to choose their own numbers/topic/place to create opportunity for independent and original work.

Please feel free to comment with any ideas/suggestions.

Here is a Wish List (Tools I have imagined (but am not sure if they exist):
Chat Monitor Notification (a sound when someone types into the chat)

Authentication of Student Work/Presence (Beyond Lockdown Browsers)

Math Promotes Calm and Flow

Our hats are off to the health care and essential workers.

Math can be therapeutic! I know there are dozens of studies re: Math anxiety but I propose that Math can bring on flow and thereby calmness.

I have the great fortune of working with students and teachers on this great thing we call Math.  In Math, we have the opportunity to find some comfort in the known and knowable with consistency and dependability.  This week, I observed a lesson on the Exterior Angle Theorem and the teacher did an excellent job of drawing 8th graders into the intrigue and puzzlement of Math and the ‘aha’/’Eureka’ of understanding.  This promotes a flow state and a sense of accomplishment and calm.

The teacher used this excellent Geogebra:
Geogebra Exterior Angle Applet
Geogebra Ext Angle ThmTriangle



Midterm “Exam” Suggestions from Students

Hope you all are well.  This week was back to school for my college students.   The form below is from the end of class Monday (our very first virtual class!)

Our college, The College of Mount Saint Vincent, has professors post midterm grades.  These grades do not go on transcripts but allow for transparency between teachers and students.  I spent much of the planning time for Monday’s lesson and Wednesday’s exam focused on the student experience and creating modules within the 85 minutes.

On Wednesday the midterm for my College Algebra students was a blend of Delta Math and a Google Form.  I chatted with students in real time and held virtual office hours.

I extended the Delta Math due date til Friday morning and also created a non Delta Math assignment on a Word document to provide students with a choice.   At this point in time, helping students complete assignments is not as important as building community and agency for our students.

Midterm Sugeestions