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Equity and Access: Empowering Students for the Common Core Alg I Regents

Shout out to New York the Empire State aka the Regents State!  The Regents is coming!
CC Algebra I is the most important Regents as s’s need at least 1 Math Regents to graduate and Alg I is so much more accessible than Geo or Alg II.
The best prep: Do Regents questions!!

There are certain questions that all and I mean ALL students should be able to answer correctly and get 2 points!  Too often, students have not seen all the content and/or are not adept at the TI-83/4 calculator.

Make sure that you and your student(s), teacher(s) feel empowered to take the exam and learn Math in the process 🙂

Here is a link to the Bible of Algebra I (thanks to the jmap folks!)
If you prefer, you can call it an OED of Algebra I or the Primer of Algebra I.