When Will We Use Math? ACCUPLACER and COMPASS

In addition to Learn Pass Graduate for the Regents exam (more specifically, Common Core Algebra I) needed for a HS diploma in NY, there are other reasons to learn Math like being savvy about Finance, building critical thinking skills and developing persistence.  Click here for The Benefits of Learning Math.
There is another super important reason to learn Math: Placement testing!

Especially at the community college level — this goes for reading and writing as well.
If you can pass the placement test, you can take credit bearing non-remedial classes (if you do not pass the placement test, you can only take non-credit bearing remedial classes).

Look at these requirements from Herkimer Community College in upstate NY:
Herkimer Comm College


college_board_accuplacer                                          act compass

Many colleges use ACCUPLACER, made by the College Board,  for their placement testing. Here is a pdf of ACCUPLACER sample items and a free web based ACCUPLACER Study App

Some colleges use COMPASS, made by ACT, for their placement testing.
Here is a pdf of COMPASS sample items.

Learning Math gives people opportunity and  options for career and college!!

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