Get the Math and Get the Points!! Jan 2016 CC Algebra I Regents #2

From the January 2016 Common Core Algebra I Regents

Jan 2016 Regents A1 2 Gas
This is a reading and noticing question with no TI-83/4 needed.
5 points are shown on this line but only 3 are easy to read: (4,15), (8,30) and (12,45)

Let’s check out each of the multiple choice options:
(1) When x = 10, is y = 35? (look carefully!)
(2) Look at the first point at a ‘crosshair’, (4,15)  divide $15 by 4, what do you get?
You can also use (30 divided by 8 or 45 divided by 12)
(3) When x = 2, is y = 5?  (look carefully!)
(4)  You can still drive if you did not buy gas (as long as there is gas in the tank!!)

For student classwork/homework, here is the Word file:
Jan 2016 CC Alg I 2 Get the Math and the Points


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