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Get the Math and the Points! August 2019 CC Alg I Regents #3

August 2019 Regents 3
For this question, we need to use the Distributive Property:
2(x^2 – 1) = 2x^2 – 2
3x(x – 4) = 3x^2 – 12x

Michael Paul Goldenberg’s excellent comment was that the constant term must be -2 and that leads us right to the answer!  Thanks

Combine like terms and only the x^2 are combinable.
A way to check your work is to put  2(x^2 – 1) +  3x(x – 4) into Y1 and to put each multiple choice answer into Y2 and then compare to see if the tables for Y1 and Y2 are equivalent.