Ace Placement Tests and Study for the ACCUPLACER (Avoid Remedial Classes)

When are we ever gonna use Math?  On placement tests!
First click on this to see what students need to know:  (ACCUPLACER placement test sample questions)

The link above should be required reading (& writing & arithmetic) for all middle and high school students, their teachers, principals and families.
If high schools can share this information and help students ace their placement tests, then students can ace their placement tests, avoid remedial classes and take actual college courses.

Up to 75% of students end up in remediation and more than half the courses offered are at the remedial level.

Credit:Prof Barbara Lawrence Borough of Manhattan Community College (CUNY)

Make sure you know what’s on the placement test and not just Math — Reading and Writing too!  This is especially important for community college students as placement tests are administered to all students and 75% are placed into remedial classes aka developmental mathmatics..

CUNY (City University of New York) just switched to the ACCUPLACER placement tests from COMPASS which is being discontinued.  Here is a link to an app for practice on this content:
Create an account and practice!!



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