Get the Math and Points: CC Algebra I June 2016 Regents #16 plus Metacognition

Inspired by this tweet:

Dave Levin KIPP Tweet

Looking at our latest Algebra I Regents, here in NY, here is a great example of the use of a graphing calculator and compare/contrast/use metacognition:June 2016 CC Alg I Regents 16

All 4 answer choices have a 3 but in different and important places!!
First question, does this xy table look like it is for a linear function?
We can look at the equations and see which f(x) = mx + b
We can also use the TI-84 and check the table to see if it matches the table above!
Let’s go to the graphing calculator:
Answer choice (1)  below: this is linear and is clearly not a match especially since the rate of change is always 3 (every time x goes up by 1 y goes up by 3)

Answer choice (2) below is also linear as it has  a constant rate of change…not a match:

Answer choice (3) is shown below and, well, we’re still lookin’:

Answer choice (4)  is below!!

2 points!!
These answers choices can be used to compare/contrast similarities and differences in their parent functions (linear, cubic and exponential).




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