Get the Math and Get the Points Jan 2016 CC Alg I #18

From the January 2016 Common Core Algebra I RegentsJan 2016 Alg I 18

According to
“Recursion is the process of choosing a starting term and repeatedly applying the same process to each term to arrive at the following term.  Recursion requires that you know the value of the term immediately before the term you are trying to find.”

This question is all about notation.  Recursive means what happens to each number so that it becomes the next number in the sequence. 

How can we get from 3 to 7 and then from 7 to 15?  and then from 15 to 31.  Each new number in pink is just a little bit more than double the previous number.  Look carefully at all four choices — only one of them is close to multiplying by 2.

f(1) = 3 means that the first number of the sequence is 3 which appears in all 4 answers.
f(n + 1) means the next number in the sequence.  


Jan 2016 Alg I 18aJan 2016 Alg I 18bJan 2016 Alg I 18cJan 2016 Alg I 18d

 Find the one that matches the given pattern 🙂

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