Get the Math and Get the Points Jan 2016 CC Alg I #16

From the January 2016 Common Core Algebra I Regents

Jan 2016 A1 16

This is 2 points easily earned with a TI-84 while learning about the different types of
functions through comparing and contrasting. 
We need to check the xy table of each function and see if it matches the given table.

Below is answer (1) not a match.  By the way, check out the change in y — linear!!

Below is answer (2) also not a match.  Check out the change in y — linear!!


Onto answer choice (3) see below, um also not a match

And last but certainly not least, answer choice (4) see below: 2 points!!!!!

There are many extensions to this question!!

Linear vs exponential vs cubic in an equation and in a table
Use the TI-84 and also look at the equations to categorize the types of functions.

Two are linear as they look like y = mx + b and will graph in a line.
One of the functions is a power function and one is exponential.

Looking at rate of change of the xy table

Substituting in values of x into each equation to see if they make the equation true
The easiest x value to substitute is usually 0 so try it here and see if the y or f(x) value = 1 as shown in the table

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