Get the Math and Points Jan 2016 CC Alg I #11

from the January 2016 Common Core Algebra I Regents

Jan 2016 Alg I 11

No solving necessary!!  Just looking for the equation!!

Students need to remember how to find the area of a rectangle: length by width 

What was the original area of the patio?    The original area was 120 sq ft (10 x 12)
What is 50% more than 120?  Add
 1/2 of 120 which is 60 making the new area  120 + 60 = 180 leaving answers (2) and (3).

Since we are adding x amount to each dimension 10 becomes 10 + x and 12 goes to 12 + x.
Those two multiplied together = 180 and voila there it is!


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