Get the Math and Get the Points Jan 2016 CC Algebra I #5

3From the Jan 2016 Common Core Algebra I Regents

Jan 2016 Alg I 5
First entry point into this question:
What is the y intercept?  Where does the line cross the y-axis?
The equation of a line is y = mx + b (m=slope, b = y-intercept)
That would be at (0,-3) making the equation y = mx – 3
Leaving only answers (1) and (2)

Second entry point:
Does the line have a positive or negative slope?  It goes up from left to right so it has to be a positive slope leaving answers (1) and (2) still

Third entry point:
Is the shading above or below the line?
We will use the symbol on the TI-83 that looks just like our graph above as students must know how to say/think/read the inequality symbol (this knowledge/skill is not easy to assess as people have a 50/50 chance of guessing if the inequality sign is greater or less than!!)

Look above at the half triangle to the left of Y1 it means less than and therefore the shading is below the line…this is not a match for the graph in the problem.

But look below, entering y ≥ 2x – 3,  voila we have a match!!!


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