Get the Math and Get the Points #3 Jan 2016 CC Alg I

From the January 2016 Common Core Algebra I Regents:

Jan 2016 Alg I Regents 3

This is a TI-83/4 question:  Put the equation into Y=
Hit 2nd graph to see the table
Make note of the Y values when x =3 and x = 5
Find the difference (subtract) those two values and there you have it!!

(Be careful as both of the values are listed as answer choices but the difference is what is important)

Week 3 27.163    Week 5 10.107  subtract them and you have your answer for 2 points!!

Jan 2016 Alg I Regents 3 (1)

If you don’t want to use the table you can just plug in 3 as the exponent in the equation and get 119.67(0.61)^3 = 27.163  and then plug in 5 as the value of x and get 10.107 and then find the difference.

To further learning, extension questions include:
What kind of function is this?  How do you know?
Is it growing or decaying?  What is the growth/decay rate?
What is the difference between revenue and profit?
Find a recent movie that grossed >$119 million in its first week of release

For student classwork/homework, here is the Word file:
Jan 2016 CC Alg I 3 Get the Math and the Points







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