Get the Math and Get the Points

Jan 2015 A1 Regents 3 Factoring

Every student should get 2 points from this type of question

Jan 2015 Regents #3:

This can be seen as a factoring question but there are many ways to do this question!!

  1. Checking the FOIL of all 4 answers to see which is equivalent to the original.
    and because First is 2x *x = 2x^2 Outer is -1*2x = -2x Inner is 3 *x which is 3x and 3 *-1 which is -3.  Combining the x terms of -2x and 3x creates a middle term of x so that the trinomial is 2x^2 +x – 3.

2. Using the logic values on the TI-83/4

Screen3 Factoring

In the photo above you can see that The answer is #4 because the truth value is “1” or TRUE.

3. Using Y1 and Y2
Students can also put the original equation into Y1 = 2x^2 + x – 3 and then try the other 4 equations into Y2.  They can check the graph to see if the two Y= are identical and/or they can check the Table to see if the xy points match.

The test is 3 hours so students should spend time checking their answers with multiple methods!

This 2 point question answered correctly can help students pass the Regents and understand the Math.

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