How to Help Students Pass the CC Algebra I Regents

  1. content exposure: you have to see it to know it — use real Regents questions
  2. mixed practice: students benefit from a variety of topics
  3. independent work: can be entry/exit slip or checkpoint
  4. Kahoot or other online survey tools like PearDeck, Nearpod and PollEV
  5. Khan Academy or other practice software for skillsPlease click this link to see the Power Point from Get the Math and Get the Points
    presented at the New York City Math Project conference on May 21 at Lehman College

“You need to see it to know it.”
Regents Review: Get the Math and Get the Points

Students benefit from mixed Regents problems practice to improve their knowledge, confidence and performance on the new, more challenging Common Core Algebra I (and Geo) exams.  We will discuss building compare/contrast skills, increasing TI-83/4 knowhow and increasing persistence.   Come to this session to share teaching/learning strategies to enhance learning and help students graduate high school.

As of May 2016, there are 6 Algebra I Regents exams and/or




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