Test Taking is a Skill: learning from ‘fuzzy errors”

At least 5 times a week, someone will share that their son or daughter is a poor test taker.  We all know people who ace the test with no effort but much can be gained by focused studying and commitment and I do not just mean test scores!

Tests may not always show knowledge and skills — that 7 in Physics was tough freshman year (yes out of 100!) but I learned so much about attention to detail and focus.  How many times do we see 2^3 (2 to the 3rd) = 6 rather than 8?  I call these “fuzzy errors”.  People can improve their test scores and their attention to detail by answering the exact question and noticing the finer points of what they are being asked.

How did I learn to do this?  The hard way — btw, my next score in Physics was exciting because it was double digit — 11!  (because class avg was so low, I still managed a C in the class).

2 thoughts on “Test Taking is a Skill: learning from ‘fuzzy errors””

  1. Hey Math Lady, what did you get on your third Physics test? You are a genius no matter what the test scores showed!

  2. Hi Stephanie Office-Supply Circus: I seem to have blocked out the 3rd Physics test score but I do remember that 7 was my lucky number cuz senior year I got a 3.5/50 on a Communications Systems exam — yes there is a decimal between that 3 and 5 — making another 7%!
    Thank you for your vote of confidence beyond test scores — if only alphabetization was still an important skill!!

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