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Student work: How much is 12/0?


So how much is 12/0?  Go here to ask Google’s calculator: Google Calculator
oogle says Infinity

Now try the calculator from Web 2.0 Calculator
eb 2.0 says “Error: Divide by 0”

Desmos says “Infinity”

went through a lot of online calculators until I found this: http://www.calculator-tab.com/.  It says error and also says division by zero is not defined

Wolfram Alpha says “complex infinity”

Try your cell phone calculator(s) and post any other interesting answers here by leaving a comment…this student meant to write Undefined but wrote something super close 🙂

Fortune Cookie: How Many Steps in a Mile?

A mile walked with a friend contains only a hundred steps

The experience of walking a mile with a friend can be so engaging that it may feel like only a hundred steps.
But mathematically speaking, those would be mighty BIG steps.
With 5280 feet per mile, 100 steps would make each step 52.8 feet: almost twice as long as the long jump record set in 1991 by Mike Powell.  Dividing 5280 feet by 29.375 feet/step is about 180 consecutive long jumps which would likely make anyone forget they were taking a walk with a friend (not to mention, we did not count the long runup to the long jump).

Surely this fortune from the Chinese restaurant: “A mile walked with a friend contains only a hundred steps” is using a metaphor.  Usually for most people, there are about 2000 steps in a mile.

So grab a friend and take a walk and feel only 5% of your steps!!