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Midterm “Exam” Suggestions from Students

Hope you all are well.  This week was back to school for my college students.   The form below is from the end of class Monday (our very first virtual class!)

Our college, The College of Mount Saint Vincent, has professors post midterm grades.  These grades do not go on transcripts but allow for transparency between teachers and students.  I spent much of the planning time for Monday’s lesson and Wednesday’s exam focused on the student experience and creating modules within the 85 minutes.

On Wednesday the midterm for my College Algebra students was a blend of Delta Math and a Google Form.  I chatted with students in real time and held virtual office hours.

I extended the Delta Math due date til Friday morning and also created a non Delta Math assignment on a Word document to provide students with a choice.   At this point in time, helping students complete assignments is not as important as building community and agency for our students.

Midterm Sugeestions

February 2020 Brain Puzzler Solution

Q: In an economy pack of 12 highlighters, 3 are defective.

If you purchase 2 highlighters (picked randomly), what is the probability that neither highlighter is defective?

A: 6/11
Since there are 3 defective highlighters out of 12, the probability of selecting the first non-defective highlighter is 9/12.
The probability of selecting the second non-defective highlighter is 8/11 as 11 highlighters remain and only 8 of them are good.
Therefore, the probability that a customer buys 2 non-defective highlighters is:
= 9/12 x 8/11
= 3/4 x 8/11
= 24/44
= 6/11.