August 2019 Brain Puzzler Solution

Q: On an analog clock, how many times do a clock’s hands overlap in a one week period?

A: 154
At 12:00, the hands exactly overlap but not at other times — for example, at 1:05, the hour hand has moved slightly… and at 6:30, the hour hand is halfway between the 6 and the 7.

Making the times that they will overlap only 11 times in 12 hours (60 minutes /11).

12:00, 1:05ish, 2:10ish, 3:15ish, 4:20ish, 5:25ish, 6:30ish, 7:35ish, 8:40ish, 9:45ish, 10:50ish.
In one day they will overlap 22 times so in one week, 154 times.

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