April and May 2017 Brain Puzzler Solution

Link to the May 2017 Brain Puzzler Solution:
April’s Brain Puzzler
What is the area of the shaded region of the given 8 x 5 rectangle?

[asy]  size(6cm); defaultpen(fontsize(9pt)); draw((0,0)--(8,0)--(8,5)--(0,5)--cycle); filldraw((7,0)--(8,0)--(8,1)--(0,4)--(0,5)--(1,5)--cycle,gray(0.8));  label("$1$",(1/2,5),dir(90)); label("$7$",(9/2,5),dir(90));  label("$1$",(8,1/2),dir(0)); label("$4$",(8,3),dir(0));  label("$1$",(15/2,0),dir(270)); label("$7$",(7/2,0),dir(270));  label("$1$",(0,9/2),dir(180)); label("$4$",(0,2),dir(180));  [/asy]


The area is 6.5 square units.  
Using extra lines to break the shape into triangles is a great way to solve this problem.


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