Contest: Interpret Math Myth Cover by Weds 3/9 3PM EST

July 2012: The New York Times Sunday Review: the artwork below and  the headline “Is Algebra Necessary?”.  I was so stunned I couldn’t even think of how to respond, let alone write a Letter to the Editor (FYI, I have had 4 Letters published and many unpublished — this is something I usually love to do!).    It took me a week and a half to think of a clever retort and by then it was too late to send a letter so here goes — let’s see if y’all see it 🙂

Hint :”What are the people in the cover drawing below doing?” (looking for a particular perspective)
Please comment or send a tweet by Weds 3/9 3PM .
Winner(s) will get a folder of their choice from


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