Answers with Questions…WHY oh Why? The New SAT: Week 2 of Studying

Glad to have this book but why oh why did the answers get right next to the questions?  Students will not actually “do” questions when answers are RIGHT THERE!!!

Read the rest of Part 1: Chapters 4 and 5: PSAT and New Score Information

Part 2 Chapters 6 – 17: Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

Part 3 Chapters 18-24: Math

Info on the new SAT: There will be an official PSAT 10 and PrePSAT known as PSAT 8/9 (similar to the ACT Aspire, Explore and Plan) and no more penalty for guessing
Reading  65 minutes, 52 questions
Writing and Language 35 minutes, 44 questions
Math Test – No Calculator  25 minutes, 20 questions
Math Test – Calculator  55 minutes, 38 questions
Essay is optional  50 minutes

When: New SAT Test Dates
March 5, 2016 is the FIRST ONE!!  This will affect rising juniors and younger students.

New PSAT Dates Weds Oct 14 or 28  PSAT Practice here!!!
Current 10th graders will take the PSAT 10 between Feb. 22 and March 4, 2016.

Reading Test: page 70: “Wrong answers are often tempting.  Therefore, you must base your answer on a close reading of the text and any associated graphics.”

ESSAY info here
The SAT essay will be optional and will be the last section.  It has a totally new feel and focuses on developing an argument that is powerful and persuasive.

OK SIT DOWN…SOME OF THE MATH DOES NOT ALLOW A CALCULATOR.  Since 1994, the SAT has allowed a calculator (disclosure: I am from BC: Before Calculators).  On the first read of the chapters, I do not see which problems allow the calculator and which do not…

The Additional Topics include very fancy shmancy Math like 3D geometry, Trig incl radians, and Complex Numbers

and will be starting Part 4: Four Official Practice Tests with Answer Explanations

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